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Technology alone is not always the Solution

With businesses now rushing towards reimagining themselves in this digital age, their need to leverage new technology (and are we spoilt for choices?) to optimize existing and introduce new processes is only transcending.

Often, with such driving forces, comes the hasty decisions of switching to new technology and platforms without assessing implementation of existing tools and systems to identify gaps and room for further optimization. Chances are, the problem lies not in the systems and tools, but in the processes you have in place.

hint:You can still have the same problems with the new systems and tools that you have just onboarded (Surprise!)

  • Business processes that worked well at one time may simply become outdated or inefficient at some stage.

When this happens, do you optimize the existing framework to align it with the new version of the process or simply introduce a fresh new process in an attempt to deliver requirements faster?

  • Embedding healthy daily practices when it comes to maintaining your systems and tools. For teams working on projects and the ones working on day to day BAU,

How often do think about addressing technical debt as part of your sprints? Do you wait until you hit a blocker that is likely to cause delays or identify earlier in the discovery and planning phases any potential improvements that can be made as part of your sprints?

Whilst making the shift to readapt your business and leverage new technologies is not at all a bad thing, how we make this shift is critical and using this as an opportunity to reconsider processes and ways of working around managing technical debt can only make this shift smoother and get you most out of your investment.


To find out more about how Advisedly Optimize can help your business take the required steps to embed a culture of optimization and technical hygiene for your Salesforce platform, reach out to us and have a chat!

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