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Often, businesses don't know what they don't know: which of these 3 levels do you find yourself in?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

With the ever-growing list of functionalities that Salesforce offers, it can often get overwhelming for many to keep up with what's new, the key here is to remain curious enough to continue the learning process and embed this habit in your working environment. Which of these 3 levels of learning do you find yourself in?

Quoting from a blog by Lolly Daskal who discusses how learning is so much more powerful than existing knowledge, and this can be applied to pretty much any technology and we often find ourselves in one of these levels:

Level One: What we know we know You know you can lead with processes and procedures and do a great job. You’re empowered and confident, and all that’s left is to fill in a few gaps here and there.
Level Two: What we know we don’t know You don’t know how to connect beyond a certain point. You know you’re missing something, and you know it hinders you from being effective. You have some work to do to get where you want to be, but you can define the problem and identify the resources you need to solve it.
Level Three: What we don’t know we don’t know You know you need to move beyond what you’ve always done, but you’re clueless, and the only way out is through uncharted waters.

If you find yourself in level two or three in terms of scaling up your Salesforce tech, below are a few tips you can implement, straight away with little effort, all you require is to be more open to learning something new, consistently and in collaboration.

  1. For your Salesforce team members: each month, you can encourage them to share one new best practice that they have implemented in their day-to-day work. Nothing like learning from each other's newly implemented best practices. This is more than likely to improve the quality of processes, config & development of your Salesforce org. There can't be an optimization method as organic as this.

  2. For your end-users: share monthly tidbits with them, this helps re-iterate existing functionality and you will be surprised by the improvement in the level of adoption from your users.

  3. If you are from the SMT group: you want to see the return on the investment you made in your Salesforce platform?

Get more involved with your Salesforce teams at least 3 times a year ahead of the official Salesforce releases, to find out what new the platform offers to help meet your strategic goals. This will encourage your team to find the time to go through the new release and familiarize themselves with what's new and share with you, 🎉a win-win situation 🎉 as a business you have learned something new about a technology you have invested in, and you have also upskilled your team members and activated their thinking hats about new functionality and how it can be leveraged.

What we don’t know we don’t know, Level Three is a risky level to be in - this is where businesses need to be more open about wanting to learn what they don't know, by empowering their teams to learn and join them in the learning process!


To find out more about how Advisedly Optimize can help your business take the required steps to embed a culture of optimization and technical hygiene for your Salesforce platform, reach out to us and have a chat!

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