Be it operational optimization, technical optimization or something as basic as embedding technical hygiene at the heart of everything you do in your Salesforce instance, we are here to guide you in every step to get you closer to getting the most out of your investment in Salesforce. 

Business As Usual

We can guide you on how best to manage your day to day processes within Salesforce, while still taking advantage of the OOTB functionalities the platform has to offer

Be it managing your leads/contacts, setting up processes around timely data and files storage management or making use of the standard automations to help your end users become more productive as they use Salesforce on a daily basis - We're here to Advise, so you can Optimize.

Processes managed within Salesforce

Get the right set up in place and start managing your key processes that drive your business, all within Salesforce

Customer retention is an important KPI for any sales driven business. Managing these processes within Salesforce can significantly fast track your user's productivity leading to improved business performance. We can guide you on how to effectively set up and manage this process within Salesforce, all using the existing functionality.

Protect your data

How secure is your data within your Salesforce? Do you have multiple data flows in and out of Salesforce org?

Salesforce comes with available features for you to audit unexpected changes or potential security issues. Regardless of how users access Salesforce, a data breach can take place anytime. We can guide you on how to make use of these features and incorporate these as a part of your regular checks to ensure you have visibility and control.

Robust Change Management Process

It's a fact, stakeholders can be demanding.

Do you have a streamlined process to ensure a request from one stakeholder doesn't impact existing functionality in use by another area of the business?

Get familiar with using Sandboxes 

Do you make changes directly in production?

Rolling out any changes directly in a production environment can be disruptive, especially in complex live environments.

Sandboxes can reduce the risk and certify that the changes are substantial before moving to production.

Have you migrated to Lightning yet?

We can help with a smooth transition

Let's have a chat about how we can help you transition your users to the Lightning Experience.